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Title: 2020/4/5 15:15:36

Title: 2020/1/8 21:02:19
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Title: 2020/1/13 11:03:16
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Title: 2018/5/1 15:22:21
Used to be the only place I liked my chinese ordered from. It hasnt been good for a while and i decided to give it another try tonight and it was the worst ever. Both large sweet n sour chickens were over cooked in what i can only guess tasted like was done in grease that hasnt been changed in a really long time. I usually spend between 30 to 40 each time i order

Title: 2018/2/5 5:18:36
Hi, did you know that managers at more than 10,000 restaurants across the country use an app called Crew to improve team communication and keep everyone on the same page? They reported saving an average of four hours a week with faster shift covers and group messaging. We invite you to try Crew for your team by going to, or by texting MENU to 462739. Let me know if I can answer any questions for you. I can be reached at Thank you, Ethan at Crew

Title: 2018/11/9 17:38:02
Is order 522269089 out for delivery? Ordered at 07:30.

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